Is it possible to project a spline-mesh into a runtime virtual texture?

is it possible to project a spline mesh into a runtime virtual texture?
i dont find any node to link to a RVT from within a blueprint (e.g. spline mesh).
is there a way to do it?

There should be. The online training video shows how to do it with the road. Which I believe is a spline…

Obviously doing this would make the road part of theblandscape and not raised unless you also sculpt the landscape…

it works great with landscape splines…but my use-case would be generated meshes through a blueprint (like spreading meshes along a spline, or spreading mesh-splines across a spline or spreading decals along a spline and such), a blueprint node would be necessary that could expose itself as a parameter which then could be set in level with the RVT to render to.

Hey, you can do it with a custom Spline mesh, I have the same use case as you,

In your Spline BP add these parameters

Then in your constructor

Then during your spline mesh creation code, use the set draw in VTs


Then in editor, when you click your spline BP, you will have slots for assigning the RVTs

Works perfectly.