Is it possible to print out blueprint?

Hi guys, my question is simple… Is it possible to print out blueprints? I mean like not to make screenshots and then unite them in Photoshop. Like really to print it out on a real paper as some kind of an algorithm drawing? The reason why I want to do this is that my professor wants our class to make half-year work about whatever that has something to do with computers. I have worked on my android game for more than a half a year and I want to also make him a little bit angry, so I want to print out EVERY signle blueprint for EVERY stupid bulls*it in my game :smiley: On the other hand it might be also useful for developers who want to show their work to people that don’t have UE editor. But even though, I would really like to give him the work, where 80% would be the blueprints and tell him “HAVE FUN!” :smiley:

BTW: If this is not possible, is there a way how to access blueprints as a C++ code?

There is a Blueprint website that will take your copy and put it on a web page. Then you could print that out.

Not to be nasty or anything but would you mind giving that person the link so they can access the site or at least the name of the site?

Sorry about that, I had meant to do that but got side-tracked at work and with other things.

This is the thread you are looking for to announce the website.

This is the website itself.

The website is called “Pastebin Blueprint for Unreal Engine 4!”

Thank you very much, Yggdrasil! :slight_smile:

BTW: I can’t wait to see my professor’s face - will be priceless :smiley: