Is it possible to play in dual monitor setup?

I know it sounds like a long shot, but i just have the feeling that it may be just a simple thing in the inis that may allow to stretch the game in 2 monitors.Lets say a 3840x1080 stretched to dual displays.
I know during the years i have seen from time to time the designation split screen in the engine but never managed to understand or use it.Is it for a more than one monitor or just a regular 2 player split screen on one monitor, no idea.

Anyway, im open to ideas if its possible to stretch the game on more than one monitor.Maybe something in the BaseSystemSettings.ini ?

Going to bump this just once, just in case :smiley:

I’m pretty sure you can’t do this with UDK. I recently messed around with UE3’s C++ source code to make my game run in fullscreen borderless windowed mode. UE3 uses window styles to determine how the window behaves. I think UDK is hard-coded to maximum resolution of the monitor it’s running on. I think you need to have access to native code in order to make a window larger than a single display.

Ahh, what i feared.So in this case, if im not mistaking, the only way to span the game across multiple monitors is to??

A) Prepare the most used resolutions in the game menu and notify the user that if he wants to use more than one monitor, before changing the resolution, he will have to enable nvidia surround or amd eyefinity.

or B) bundle some freeware software that connects the monitors and is connected( launch first) to the game exe.( i was left with the impression that steam users tend to freak out when they see a software other than the game)

The all hassle was because im making a rail shooter and find most recent arcades to be using 2 monitors (so y suspect its a cheap hp/dell pc with a nvidia card and nvidia surround enabled at a fixed resolution)

My pc is using a quadro gpu so i cant use surround tech but i have Mosaic which i think is similar?? and i managed to play my udk game in 2 monitors just now(but have to fix the FOV as its zooming at 3840x1080)
And for some reason my mouse aim cursor didnt wanted to go to monitor 2 :confused::confused: but i think its a aspect ratio thing.