Is it possible to paint foliage on a Static Mesh that is movable?

Exactly what the question said. It doesn’t seem possible unless I make the Static Mesh static. Whether the foliage instance is static or movable doesn’t seem to affect this outcome. Any ideas? and if it is possible, is that even a good idea performance-wise?


The workaround to this is to simply make the static mesh to be painted on Static, then paint the foliage on it, while making sure the foliage instances are movables. Once done, convert it back to Movable.

If you want to attach the foliage to it, just click on any instance of the foliage outside of the paint mode, this will select the whole foliage, right click, then select “Attach To” then pick the target you want.

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Its a little late but… Thank you for posting this. Its people like you that save me so much time!