Is it possible to paint a landscape with a material instance thrown into the bunch?

I tried an addon from the marketplace that was poorly put together with no tutorial and I tried figuring it out myself and it completely screwed up my 3rd person character blueprint and so I tried deleting my blueprint and migrating a new one in from another game but the engine will not look at that as the same main blueprint. How can I make the engine look at this as the default blueprint? There is way too much in there to start over. Any help is appreciated.

You can re-add the third person content from the content browser


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That still did not do anything. Yikes. I am certainly going to be asking for a refund from that one.

I got it back in maps and modes in the project settings, thank goodness.


Yes, if you’ve got quite a lot installed, you can have 10 different third and first person characters. It’s good to be clear which is your one, or the system one :slight_smile:

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