Is it possible to package several "versions" with some different assets (UE4.27)?

In my game I want to package several modifications for different computers - for example, Start, Optimus, Plus, Pro and Pro Max. They have most identical but some different assets (for example, different texture resolutions - quality switching does not satisfy me because all users must download all textures in maximum size and then synthetically reduce it - it is useless resources spent). Is it possible to manage such modifications in UE, or I must only close editor, move all textures outside of the project, then move other texture modifications into it and open the editor again?

Hey there @Etyuhibosecyu! You could handle this by distributing the extra files as different pak files, like how DLC works. This way you can control what’s there based on the package downloader. Then you can work in an environment with everything, but patch in what you need for each level.

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