Is it possible to overwrite only part of an object in a configuration (.ini) file?

XCOM 2 is a moddable Unreal Engine game. Mods create their own .ini files, which are loaded after the main game’s .ini files.

Here are some lines from XComGameCore.ini:

LootTables = ( TableName = "AlienDebrisLootLevel1", Loots[0]=(Chance=100,MinCount=20,MaxCount=40,TemplateName="Supplies",RollGroup=1) )
LootTables = ( TableName = "AlienDebrisLootLevel2", Loots[0]=(Chance=100,MinCount=40,MaxCount=60,TemplateName="Supplies",RollGroup=1) )
LootTables = ( TableName = "AlienDebrisLootLevel3", Loots[0]=(Chance=100,MinCount=70,MaxCount=100,TemplateName="Supplies",RollGroup=1) )
LootTables = ( TableName = "AlienDebrisLootLevel4", Loots[0]=(Chance=100,MinCount=100,MaxCount=120,TemplateName="Supplies",RollGroup=1) )

I’d like to edit those MinCount/MaxCount values. I have two questions:

  1. If I, say, copy that line to my mod’s .ini and edit MinCount/MaxCount to

LootTables = ( TableName = "AlienDebrisLootLevel1", Loots[0]=(Chance=100,MinCount=999,MaxCount=999,TemplateName="Supplies",RollGroup=1) )

will that correctly override the value? Or do I also need to remove the original entry, like so:

-LootTables = ( TableName = "AlienDebrisLootLevel1", Loots[0]=(Chance=100,MinCount=20,MaxCount=40,TemplateName="Supplies",RollGroup=1) )

  1. More importantly, is there some way for me to override only the values I want, without affect the other parts of the object? For example, I’m imagining syntax something like this:

LootTables[TableName="AlienDebrisLootLevel1"].Loots[0].MinCount = 999

This seems extremely important to write mods that don’t interfere with each other.

I’ve read the UDK docs on configuration files but my questions are not answered there.