Is it possible to override / remap materials in the devkit on standard meshes?

I’m working on a foliage shader in regular UE4 that expresses plant death in real time. I want to add this to Ark, but don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of copying all the standard foliage meshes into a mod just to change the material.

Here’s a video of my shader that I’m working on in regular UE4. I think it would be amazing to have this in Ark.
I haven’t done much testing with it yet, but performance wise, it shouldn’t be much different than the standard wind effect that’s already applied to foliage in ark.

I think the only way you could do it would be to delete and replace the vanilla meshes with your own… and to make that work you’d need to compile a Total conversion mod.

It would be really helpful if the devs would build a one-for-one replacement cook feature. For example, if you want to just modify a single animation file, a mesh… and as long as the reference names all match up.