Is it possible to output nDisplay Viewport via SDI Video Card like BMD DeckLink?

I’ve costructed tht ICVFX system according to the following document.
As the next step, I want to output the nDisplay Viewport not via GPU but via SDI Video Card like BMD DeckLink.
Now I’m using HDMI - SDI Converter to archieve the above system.

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Hi @HoyangUS

Please look at
4.21 - 4.24 Blackmagic Design Media Player in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (
For UE5 the Black Magic plugin is implemented for the
Blank Film /Video & Live Events and Virtual Production templates
Simply Edit Project Plugin and type Black Magic and Enable and then find Media Framework Utilities and Enable. Then restart Unreal Editor as described in the documentation link below

See 4.27 Blackmagic Video I/O Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

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Thanks for your advice, I did it successfully!

Hey HoyangUS,

I’m trying to figure out how to do the same thing but have been unsuccessful so far. Sounds like you might have figured it out. Any chance you could share what you did to get it working?


Hey, did you manage to get this done?