Is it possible to output HDR content via BlackMagicMedia plugin(Using a Decklink)?

Hello,everyone.Is it possible for ue5 to output HDR content through BlackMagicMedia plug-in? If not, is there any other way I can use decklink to get a pure HDR output? I don’t have decklink yet, so I can’t test it myself. Your answer will be very helpful to me, thanks a lot.

The only way I can see it working is a new Blackmagic product, along with the OffWorld Live plugin for Unreal.

It’s called Ultra Studio 4K Mini. This allows me to get uncompressed video (from a 4K camera, like the Pocket Cinema 4K), and send it via Thunderbolt to computer. I don’t own one, so I currently just copy camera footage over. The ultraStudio would allow me to bring in a live feed.

Then, there is an Unreal plugin named OffWorld Live (or some such), and it’s free ($100 once I went commercial)…

This plugin uses FFMPEG, so if you’re into licensing, you will need an .MP4 licensed streamer to use these types of open sourced apps)…

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Thank you pete!I’m pretty sure BMD‘s new high-end hardware(like decklink 8k pro and ultra studio 4k mini)all have ability to manage HDR data.
The olny question is how to allow UE5 output pure hdr signal through these hardware.It seems like a software issues.
The Offworld Live plugin you mentioned may be a key!I’ll do some research!
Thank you so much! :grinning:

By the way, I’m having trouble finding a proper computer to run the 8K Pro Decklink. You’ll need workstation-class machine (24 lanes of PCI)…

The UltraStudio 4K mini only needs Thunderbolt 3, and a fast drive. No 8 K model that I know of, other than Decklink.

  • Pete