Is it possible to outline a destructible mesh in 4.8?

If I had for instance, an asteroid and I wanted to have it outlined in a red outline, would it be possible to set up an outline for it? Would it change as the asteroid gets destroyed? How would it work to outline a destructible mesh in 4.8?

Try these:

I apologize, I should’ve been more specific. I really appreciate the links! I got it set up, but I have the same Issue I was afraid of. How would I get the outline to NOT affect chunks?


Is there a way this will work with only the main DM, or am I stuck with it rendering the chunks as well?

I’ve definitely exhausted my efforts trying to figure out a solution to this. I’ve even considered settling for a different approach all together. Such as using an on/off screen arrow indicator. However, I can’t seem to find any documentation about that either. I came across this post here for an indicator, but I’m unsure how to install it and plug the nodes in it.

sigh… :frowning:


Surely someone could help me set up my outline to only allow it to render the main object? I’ve tried everything I know how. I’ve looked into doing it via Post Processing, but I’m still stumped.

you could use an event that fires when you destroy the asteroid and then set the mesh to not render in the custom depth

sorry if i haven’t understood your idea and hope i’ve helped you :slight_smile:

I’d like the outline to only render the object. When it explodes, or the debris goes flying, I want the render or the “outline” to disappear.

So how exactly would I go about rendering a custom depth like that I guess… btw thanks for the reply!