Is it possible to move fully built buildings from one level to another?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was a possible way to migrate built buildings from one level to the other to speed up the level design process. I’m working on a game where the player will always be inside buildings, I think everyone knows how long it takes to build everything all over again instead of editing and removing/adding a few things to make a new scene for your game.

If anyone got any solutions or suggestions, please feel free to leave yours at any time, all are appreciated.

Thanks in advance :}

Either copy and paste - 64gb of ram may mean you need to do several.
or duplicate the level and delete everything but the building.

Or, create a blank level, enable world composition. Move it to a folder. Put the 2 levels in the same folder (a copy of the building and an empty level to transfer to). Open up the persistent one.
load the level with the building, Select the meshes of the building. Load the other level, right click on the meshes and move actors to current level (or some similar approach).

After that the new level will contain only what you decided to move. You can toss the level it came from since it was a copy.
it can be useful if you only wish to partially move things.