Is it possible to migrate assets in runtime?

Hello all!

I’m trying to migrate assets in runtime, I’m getting the assets path, and I want to export that assets and all their reference.

It is possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, why do you need such a thing? Maybe there is another way to do it.

You may be able to use pak files. You can generate the pak files using UnrealPak.exe. You can then load them in at runtime. My opinion is that Unreal is not designed to accommodate what you trying to do. I have attempted similar things in the past with limited success.

My idea is to create a library of all my assets in a project, and select what assets I’ll need in my new project to migrate only those assets.

I think pak files are completely the opposite of what I want to do, because without it, you have your uassets in the project, is that assets what I want to migrate in runtime.

Why is it necessary to do it runtime?

I have created a scene, with personalized UI, where program all the functionallity to filter assets, view it dynamically, etc. In this scene I select some assets to migrate to other project, but I can’t migrate, so now, I adding them to a datatable, and then, we I migrate the datatable, as it has de reference to all selected assets I can migrate everything I want.

My goal will be do it directly in a exported project, to split the creation asset project (only developers) and the finished asset library (rest of my team)

Is it clear enough?