Is it possible to merge static and non-static actors into a BP class or in other way?

Hi everyone,

In this project I’m using 4.27.2.
I’m trying to make a cinematic. In the process, I have a static human character there that I built by bringing several objects from several DCC - I brought the basic human mesh from one application, her dress (an alembic with animation) from another, hair from another. Because they all came from different applications, I had to independently adjust scale, rotation and materials for them to fit together. I even have 4 subtle point lights in the mix, using different light channels to highlight some specularity of the hair.

It all works fine in that level but now I wanted to save this group of elements into a single actor that I could reutilize in another level (or even another project). I tried several methods (group, merge, BP class), to no avail. The most promising seemed to be the BP class but UE complains that I cannot have static and non-static together (in practice, the BP compiles fine, I see all elements there, but when I drag the BP into the level, only the alembic object comes).

Is there any way to achieve what I’m trying? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In a character blueprint you can add static meshes as components to your character mesh and adjust their locations and scale and the blueprint itself will be dynamic as far as I know. The components inside can be a number of things. I don’t think you can just bundle them together and create the blueprint if I understand you correctly.

I would create a character blueprint and add a capsule component as the root for collision with the landscape and environment the character’s mesh would be a child and then drop in your static meshes onto the character mesh as children to the mesh and make your adjustments. Maybe that’ll help…

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