Is it possible to manually upload an Unreal project to Github?

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We’ve had months of issues trying to set up source control for our team so we can work on a game together. We have basically zero budget, so can’t afford the paid options. We’ve so far tried Perforce, SVN, Gitbash/Github and a couple of others I forget the name of, but couldn’t get those to work. Gitbash was the closest, but then we realised our game is too big for LFS storage and had to wipe the repo.

So we’ve given up on ‘proper’ source control and are doing things manually via a system on Trello/Slack. There are only 3 devs and we all focus on different areas, so there isn’t any chance of overlapping on work. The artists mostly work off-project anyway and one of the devs adds their models/music/whatever after it’s done.

However, we want to have a current version of the game uploaded to Github to start off with. This will be the version stored on my pc and I’ll essentially be incorporating all the major changes the team makes each month and then reuploading it on there for everyone to download the recent copy. Everyone will keep a copy of the most recent previous version on their pc, plus their own changes, as a back up.

Most of our big files - art, models, music, etc will be stored elsewhere and manually added to the project by everyone when they downoad the latest version. So we essentially just need the folder structure, blueprints, settings, small files, etc on Github.

Is this doable (despite being more work)? And yeah, I know it isn’t ideal (not here to debate that), but until we can afford a better solution and/or have the skills to set up something better it’s what we’ve agreed on. Have any other teams used this approah before? Any tips/tricks that will help?

For example, which project folders/files need to be uploaded to Github and which can I ignore? The project folder stored on my pc contains:

  • Config
  • Content
  • DerivedDataCache
  • Intermediate
  • Saved
  • Script
  • .readme
  • WW001 (unreal project file)

I know I can leave out DerivedDataCache, Intermediate, and Saved. I’m guessing since Script is empty, I can ignore this also.

Hello! There are many possible .ignore files that can be suit. I have GitRepo and Project folder in it and use this .ignore for a long time
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