Is it possible to make this kind of game in Unreal Engine, If so can I....

Do it only using blueprints? I want to make a children’s 3d game kind of like a test, this is what I’m trying to do.

Pretty serious about this, I want to know how to make a children 3d game kind of like this one…any advise would be great thank you for reading.

yes, and yes.

how? you “only” need learn how to use the engine and blueprints, check unreal tutorials and videos.

You can probably do it all in blueprints, but you might end up needing a little C++.

Start with the most basic editor tutorials and work your way up from there.

Be aware that even a seemingly simply game will take a lot of work to complete. Most beginners underestimate the level of time and dedication required.

Answering these questions will help people help you figure out how much you will have to learn, and where to start:

  • Do you have anyone already agreed to helping you, or are you planning on getting anyone? If so,do they have any GamDev experience or expertise?
  • Do you know any programming languages at all?
  • Do you have any knowledge of art fundamentals?
  • Do you have any experience with 2d or 3d art programs like PS, Gimp, Maya or Blender?
  • Have you ever made a simple game before?
  • Have you ever used a game engine or game making program like Unity, GameMaker or RPGMaker?
  • Is this something you plan on only doing as a hobby say for your own children or something, or is it something you want to turn into a career?

Even if you have no experience, knowing that allows people to point you to the resources that fit your specific needs. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

No I’m doing it by myself, and I’ve been using different game engines on and off again for the passed year now but drawn to unreal engine because of the blueprints.
Programming nope.
I know a little bit of art, I’ve been using blender but I only know how to create characters not backgrounds so kind of limited with that.
I’ve made a simple ball game in unity a few months back haha.
Yes I’ve used all three of those, unity game maker, rpg maker, tyrano builder, l.o.v.e clickteam, I’ve basically been trying everything even tried blender game engine using logic bricks but aren’t enough tuts on that.

I want to do this as a hobby for right now.