Is it possible to make the Player Character an actor in a sequence?

I heard that you have to use dummys as actors in a sequence, but is it possible to make the player character or an NPC character play custom animations during a sequence?

Like, you know how on GTA your character can be customized any way you want? And cutscenes reflect what your character is wearing?

Is that possible in UE4?

How would that even be set up? How would you place your character in the appropriate position to start the cinematic?

PS: Can sequence animations be seen by everyone in a multiplayer game?

BTW Just to clarify i’m talking about cinematics.

Well I can only think put an Anim Notify Event in Anim Sequence that triggers instancing a pawn (character)…

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Question, placing actors in the desired location will make sure my animations sync with the world, how will triggering an animation by a sequencer for my player character, who can’t be perfectly placed sync up with how i want him to?

BTW Just to clarify i’m talking about cinematics.

I want to know that too! Please, can someone help us?

With <<Add binding>> you can put any actor but the animations didnt replicate and simulate.

It doesnt work in multiplayer with <<bindable>> actors.