Is it possible to make the default pawn hold and reach out with a torch? If yes, how?

Hello there,
I’m kinda new to UE4, and I’m working on a little project where the player has to solve little tasks (like moving objects from one place to another) to open doors and keep going in the building.
I’ve chosen a medieval themed asset with torchlights, but I’d like to make it a way where the player holds a torch and has to ignite the other torches with it to have enough light to see.
I’m still using a blueprint of the default pawn instead of a character model, but I think if only a part of the torch is seen, it isn’t that big of a problem. But I don’t know how to navigate the torch in the actor’s hands when it doesn’t even have hands. Is it even possible to do? If yes, are there any tutorials for this? (I couldn’t find any, but might be because of the lack of my googling skills…)

You can use Scene component with transformation as a slot to attach the actor to, you can also use constraints or spring arm to help out

Thank you, I’ll definitely check it out!