Is it possible to make realtime recordings in Unreal Engine from in-game cameras?

My goal is to create a movie camera which can be used in a movie game: you can set up shots, record scenes, and then play them back. My current goal is getting this camera to work.

I figured out from YouTube tutorials that you can set up an in-game camera using SceneCaptureComponent2D with live preview (and no recording).

I have done some googling on this and found that SceneCaptureComponent2D output can be streamed to a TextureTarget (a material with a texture). Basically it is a live preview of what the SceneCaptureComponent2D sees.

I checked on Google whether there is a way to record a TextureTarget and this doesn’t seem possible, though it is possible to play back recorded video on materials.

I also haven’t found a way to directly record the output of a SceneCaptureComponent2D.

I have been researching Sequencer, but it seems to be intended for creating cutscenes using pre-arranged scenes, rather than for creating realtime recordings. This seems to be corroborated by the Sequencer working with a pre-arranged video editor-style layout. Basically, if I could use Sequencer to let the user make their own in-game cutscenes, that would be great.

There may be some alternative ways I don’t know of to record or stream from various cameras using Unreal Engine also.

Is there any way to create a realtime recording in Unreal Engine such that the player could basically make in-game videos? I have investigated SceneCaptureComponent2D/TextureTarget/Sequencer.

I don’t know if you checked this out but UE4 has had a replay system built in a while ago, it doesn’t have a thorough documentation but maybe you could check it out

Moe, thanks, I did find this replay system. It doesn’t solve the issue of how I could record to video, because I ultimately want to export to a video file (mp4/etc), but it is still a step closer.

Take Recorder In Game posted by JTProof | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4 maybe help