Is it possible to make graphical only mods?

I would like to make a mod modifying only the graphics of the game but i do not want the mod to change any of the gameplay mechanics and not overriding any bigger overhaul mods, is this even possible at this time?

What i want to access copy and clone are the following things:

  1. The bloom in the engine and any and all post processing settings.
  2. The weathers of the map.
  3. The the fog in different weathers of the map.
  4. The water shader settings and their level of detail.
  5. The strength of the ambient occlusion.
  6. Turning on shadows on all the light sources.
  7. Access to underwater fog and others shader settings.
  8. Level of detail levels for different draw distances.

Is all this possible with the unreal editor without any custom programming?

“Is all this possible with the unreal editor without any custom programming?”

Do you mean without blueprinting/scripting anything in? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. From the hours and hours I’ve spent in the Dev Kit, I’ve never stumbled upon these sort of settings anywhere.

Pretty sure the Functions for this are not exposed yet either, but again not positive.

Some of these things ARE do-able without scripting but only if you we’re to make your own map, or edit an existing one to modify it.

Well without need to code anything like lua, shaders, or c++

Well that is very sad as we do not have any good graphic mods yet.

Well i am not making my own map i only want to edit the settings on the current one.

I have experience with Blender and 3D graphics in general but no programming skills.

Okay, well good news!

This should allow you to do most if not all of what you would like to do :slight_smile:

Yeah the new Total Conversion system will allow you to simply replace any files of the original game directly. While Total Conversions can not be stacked with each other (due to potential for conflicts), it would be quite easy to make a Total Conversion graphics mod that swaps out the various graphics assets. And then players can apply any other standard Workshop mods on top of that :slight_smile: