Is it possible to make distortion music inside unreal engine itself?

Hi, I’m new to unreal engine. So if it’s possible to implement this how do you implement it inside unreal itself. The audio distort on play after like 10s of the audio playing. Reference to this is Layers of Fears Music Room.

The way you could achieve this could work a few ways. I’d recommend looking into adaptive music options for UE4. You can find a way to achieve this in UE4’s SFX system or you can look into plugins like FMOD or WWise. You could then transition between tracks of higher distortion you’ve made outside of UE4.

Here is one tutorial I found for using UE4’s sound system:

In FMOD (what I use) it looks something like this:

Tutorials for FMOD:

Basically the idea is that you have each instrument or “part” of the music on their own track, and you can cross-fade between them when an event happens to add or remove sections when you want to. In your case you could make a distortion “part” that gets added in or cross-fades with another instrument when you want to.

If you really want to distort in engine, you can take a look at this documentation and perhaps you can find something that will work for you there:

You could also edit pitch on a sound event in Blueprints to create a pitch distortion over time.