Is it possible to make custom physics (eg soft body) in the engines physics ?

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I am currently working on a 2D sandbox physics simulation where I have to simulate a composite soft body reacting accordingly to water (with boyancy and stuff).
I generate all meshes procedurally and support the ue4 physics engine, but can only be rigidbody. I also use custom linear and angular dampening (the real physics drag force). The materials are based on desitys for sake of easyness in calculations.
I do not care how much work this is, what I have is bad (using task system in c++ for calculating the physics and I apply it from the script on the composite soft body object, that recreates its triangles every frame) and I would like it to be more efficient…

How would I do it? (I have all calculations all nice and packed in a nifty little manager class)
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

PS: if not possible, please tell me if there is a wrkaround.

PPS (for the UE4 employees) please add soft body physics on the roadmap, it feels so empty without it :wink: and I am shure the community will apreciate :slight_smile:

Short answer: Yes, it’s 100% possible. You have complete access to all of the engine and editor source code, so you could always download the source from github and add in any missing capabilities yourself. Is it hard and labor intensive? You bet. But it’s possible, unlike in other commercially available engines… So really, there are few excuses for why you can’t do what you want to do using the engine.

Somebody is working on a soft-body plug-in at the moment, but it’s name escapes me. Begins with T…

EDIT: Tendr!

thanks :),
May I get some hints on where to look for the game physics engine?
Where do I get tendr? (I have a 0$ budjet :/)