Is it possible to make an entire game that can run just through widgets.

Hi all

Just curious, is it possible to run an entire game within widgets?

I know you can run WAV files, can you do that within a widget?

Maybe depends on your idea of a “game”, but it would be interesting to see someone try it out just for fun’s sake. :slight_smile:

From what I have seen, Epic warns against doing key functions in Widgets. So I take that to mean that you could do quite a few things in the Widgets that for a normal game would not be ideal, like running core game code. You don’t normally want Widgets setting your variables, just getting them, but apparently you can do that.

For some reason this makes me think of Sewer Shark from the Sega CD. I remember the game consisting of the direction pad, short video clips, and dying alot. Sounds almost simple enough for widgets. Not sure if you can play WAV files though.

Sure why not? Like Zeustiak said, that depens on your game idea, but as long as you only controll your game through it, then yes, this is possible.

You would just want to call function, that you normaly call through mouse and keyboard, via your widgets. Don’t place the whole logic inside them,
but just call the functions from your PlayerCharacter etc.

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Thank you for you reply.

What would be the best project to run this?

Are there any that would suite this better?

Here we are, almost 4 years later, and I just had the thought to try and do this myself. SO FAR everything seems to be working okay, but as stated, it’s best to save your functions and variables in a character actor and use the widgets to simply bring them to the screen. I originally planned to just write it in C++, abandoned that for Java FX, then abandoned that for our glorious Unreal Engine. Needless to say, with its built-in mechanics and user friendly interface (i.e. Blueprints), Unreal is SOOOOO much better for this project (even though Unreal has probably 100 times more power than I really need to make it work ).

I see this and imagine some old school RPG.
you could easily use the character and stuff to save varibales…
then everything would be widgets

a monster appears (open monster image widget)
Action widget opens. etc etc

also those old house/tomb exploring games where it is just a static photo of the room with things you can interact with…seems like it wouldnt be hard to make that all widget.