Is it possible to make a packaged build from VS?

I’m tired of endless time losses each debug iteration of multiplayer (compile → open editor → package → archive → share to another PC). It’s ridiculous!

The first compile step is only needed for editor, when you change the code all you need to do is package and that change will be applied even thru editor don’t have binary version of that code running, this is because during packing UE4 needs to build non-editor build of your module anyway, which potentially may differ in code (if you use any #if WITH_EDITOR) and and it’s not compatible binarely in first place. Ofcorse it makes packages game incompatible with editor build as it has outdated module now, but you can run packaged game on host too. You will ofcorse eventually need to compile editor module.

And yes there option to package the game without editor, but you would need to know which command to run. UE4 use UAT tool which runs all other UE4 tools to package the game, so all you need to do if find proper UAT command, i think it actually print it out in Output Log. Once oyu have it you don’t need either UE4 or VS open, just run the command ;] same can be done with compilation by running UBT or one of bat files in enigne directories (you can check commands for those in VS project configuartion in NMake section) and yes that means you can practically use any IDE you like with UE4 even without fancy UE4 plugins, but you still need VS installed for compiler.

I’ll accept your answer even if I don’t I understand that)
I guess there is no way to make both UAT and UBT doing their job at the same time. It’s different processes even if it seems like packaging does compiling all over again.