Is it possible to make a full game using blueprint?

Hey guys - Unreal noob here. I use C# for my day job but using C# in the context of Unreal has come very slowly to me since there’s such an overwhelming amount to learn, so I figured I’d start using Blueprints.

I’m planning on making some smaller little projects to learn the basics of blueprints, just to get a feel for them, and really try to get familiar with them before moving back into the C++ side to learn the code.

After a few sample projects are done and I decide to set off and make an actual small “game”, are blueprints an okay way to go? Can I get something actually playable and fun with them or will I eventually need to get into the code side before I hope to ship something fun?

Bonus question - in your experiences, does starting with Blueprints aid or impair the learning and retention of C++ within Unreal? I’d eventually like to transition to making C++ projects and using Blueprints as a way to fill gaps rather than things done entirely with them, so am I on track with what I hope to achieve?

Yes, you can make entire game in Blueprints. For some specific stuff you need C++, but BP covers almost everything. You can make very playable game only in BP, specially small game.

About another question: yes, you can mix BP and C++ and eventually convert BP to C++. But sometimes it’s easier to do and keep some stuff in BP.