Is it possible to make a full game using blueprint?

Hey guys - Unreal noob here. I use C# for my day job but using C# in the context of Unreal has come very slowly to me since there’s such an overwhelming amount to learn, so I figured I’d start using Blueprints.

I’m planning on making some smaller little projects to learn the basics of blueprints, just to get a feel for them, and really try to get familiar with them before moving back into the C++ side to learn the code.

After a few sample projects are done and I decide to set off and make an actual small “game”, are blueprints an okay way to go? Can I get something actually playable and fun with them or will I eventually need to get into the code side before I hope to ship something fun?

Bonus question - in your experiences, does starting with Blueprints aid or impair the learning and retention of C++ within Unreal? I’d eventually like to transition to making C++ projects and using Blueprints as a way to fill gaps rather than things done entirely with them, so am I on track with what I hope to achieve?

Thanks all!
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I made a multiplayer game with dedicated servers hosted on google cloud, with steam integration and persistent characters(which are saved on cloud) using only blueprints and a handful of plugins (UWorks for example).


Yes it is possible. We published a game, it’s called TARTARUS. Tartarus developed with using blueprint only.

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Completely agree with you. I did not have to use C++, but i did have to use these plugins which are available on the market.

And it’s true, if a dev behind these plugins disappears, its a very very big problem.

Even without plugins it’s entirely possible. It just depends on what you’re happy with for the final result. There are some things you can’t do without some c++, and some things that are more complicated to do in blueprint. There is a recent article on the blog that gives a good overview of this topic.

As example: The Solus project are game what are mostly made from BPs, but also have some C++ parts.
There;s a channel about making that game: Hourences - YouTube

I know this is past the prime of this conversation but I wanted to add my two cents. I have an interesting journey as a programmer/developer and at first, I saw blueprints and was terrified, it looked like visual spaghetti and reading (good)code is oftentimes easier for me but my opinion is that you cannot use unreal without understanding blueprints to some extent. I came at it this originally knowing Javascript and C#, with no C++ experience. Picking up regular C++ wasn’t a giant leap, I found learning Unreal C++ was more difficult, most tutorials I find and even Udemy courses were somewhat lacking.

I think my advice to anyone with this question would be if you want to start with Unreal, use blueprints, and as you use blueprints, you’ll get very comfortable with the engine. Once you’re comfortable with the engine the Unreal C++ will actually make much more sense, and you can start integrating C++ where you find it makes sense.

Think of it as any other journey, software development, engineering, developing, creating, is a fun exciting challenge and every single day you will force yourself to learn something, and sometimes you will hit walls, but if you keep positive you’ll eventually figure it out. You’ll need to spend months if not years getting comfortable with all that there is in Unreal. Blueprint is a great place to start to understand how the system works and to prototype ideas quickly, you may find you never need C++, you might find for one reason or another you do need/want C++ but with the understanding of the engine you’ll have gained, it will be easier to pick up the C++ aspects.

Also, don’t rule yourself out of being able to get into game development because of your age, you put your mind and time at something and opportunities will come.

Never get discouraged, I read in an interview where when the development team of Kingdom Hearts 3 decided to switch engines it took their team over a year to really learn the engine and those are engineers, professional game developers, that did it every day.


Well said, James!

hello bro, what’s you done is very interesting. do you done one instance for every player? which are the plugins, and thank you so much