Is it possible to make a City-Building-Game with UE4 engine?

Hi , I just want to know if it’s possible to do a City-Building-Game on UE4 Engine?
Something like Cities : Skylines etc.


I believe you can create a city building game within UE4 but it will take some work on your part. The engine doesn’t come with a cities template so you would have to start from scratch. Here are some ideas in my head that I would try to implement into this:

-Having a blueprint that is a flat tile that you can place over a surface and if certain conditions are met it will spawn a building mesh there. Depending on the tile it would have different properties like population increase, type of building, etc.

-These stats can be stored within a structure or array that can be called upon within the gameHUD to show stats, just like in the cities game.

-The more difficult aspect would be the roads and transportation, Creating a car blueprint to follow the road tiles you place can be done but congestion and other factors would increase the amount of variables that go into this.

Overall it would definitely be a challenge to get a game to look and play exactly like Skylines or Sim City 4. I was looking around online for some examples of city building games with UE4 but there aren’t many results but that does not mean it’s impossible.

Note that Cites Skylines was built with Unity and I used Unity before UE4 and honestly I prefer UE4 because in my personal experience it was much more user friendly.

Hope this helps

I been wanting ti figure this out myself please message me if you make any progress or any links you stumbled onto that relates to this…!!