Is it possible to make a 3d game with "no" experience?

I am so new in this area. I do not know any computer language but I am eager to learn. I wanted to make some of my game ideas real so searched for game engines and chose UE. I have started watching video tutorials a few days ago but before going on, I just want to be sure if I am on the right way.

I want to know if I can make a simple 3d game after watching some video tutorials? What will I need in this process? Will I need C++ or C#? Is there a video tutorial you can advice?



Yes to your main question. you will have a lot to learn (Like all of us at one time. we all started with no knowledge of any thing.)

the videos are a good start if you have some money you may want to try some of his. I have them and there very good learned a lot from them.

ask question. a lot of good people here.

also find a good 3d modeling program (blender, Maya Maya LT. Modo so on)

Blender is free. Maya is very expensive (At Lest for me.) Maya Lt $30 a mouth or 240 if you pay by the year. Not sure what Modo is. A lot of people here seem to like it. not sure how well it works with unreal?

They all have free trails try them all. see which work you like, which one you like the work flow best or pick up the fastest.

I use Maya Lt and Blender. I use Maya Lt about 90% of the time. If you are really into to it and have the money Maya would be the best. (if this is not just for fun. you plan to make money.)

Edit: get some simple sample project Look at them and study them see how they where put together. then try to redo it yourself.
keep doing this over and over. get harder ones as you go. (to me best way to learn)

good Luck.
Have fun.
Never give up on your Dream.

Yes. Knowledge of a programming language sure helps. But you can start with small projects in Blueprints and build from there. This set of videos by Epic, while not super easy, is a good 3d tutorial:

This guy has made some templates you can use and take apart and figure out how they work - all Blueprints (I think):

Biggest thing, In my view, is to have patience and focus. There is a ton of learning stuff out there and if you don’t focus on one thing at a time, one step at a time, you can waste time jumping around. Complete the tutorials, make small games at first. You will learn a lot more making a few small games, rather than trying to jump into something huge right at the beginning of your process. And nothing is better than getting your hands dirty, i.e. watch the tutorial, and do what they are doing, inside your copy of the engine.
Yep? Good luck.

No, you can not make a game with no experience.


You can totally get that experience, and rather quickly! There were some great links provided above. Additionally, I recommend reading the blogs of successful game designers, so you can better understand the scope of various projects. This is an art, and just like painting or music, you need to educate yourself roundly not only in the technical aspects, but on the whole.

I think it is impossible, because by making game you either give up or get experienced.

But it is very possible to start making 3d game without any experience.
It is even quite easy, requires only one talent: “to not give up”

You don’t need professional experience, but you do need some skills.
Skills can be learned.


If this is your first game, I wouldn’t try to make both the art (assets) and the game.
With the one exception being mobile, if its a simple game with simple mechanics.
But if that’s the case, I’d say learn Unity instead as its faster at that workflow imo.

Otherwise a first person shooter is the easiest gametype to make with this engine.
Forget code programming unless you’re a coder, just stick to blueprint drag and drop.
Tutorials alone are hit & miss, so try and deconstruct some community projects too!

this might be old but you also need a powerful computer if you want to make any kind of game you want to sell online unless you are making one for your own to play this is 2020 people now are looking for zombie shoot them up open world games now. No small games any more you have to build large games to keep up with the big boys who have all the money. There is no real way to make a great game alone just not possible. Just check some games on steam who are made by one person been there for years with little to no update on the game just sits there and most people here know what I am talking about. Not to rain on your parade I myself Love to try and make a game I am now working on a open world survival game with very large map animals you can kill and harvest building but will take a few years to complete. Only because there is no real help online if any and most are out dated and they never respond to any question so that’s my two cents