Is it possible to lock frame per second with blueprints for final output instead using command ?

Hello…till now I was using editor console command to lock the Frame per seconds to help myself to put require amount of details in scene and to maintain it to 30 FPS but as for final package I wanted to know how to lock my game to 30 FPS with Blueprint or is it possible with BP and if Yes can anyone give me any idea how to do it?

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This question would have been better placed within the Blueprint Visual Scripting topic, but well.
You can execute console commands from within Blueprints, but I don’t recall there being a specific node to set a FPS limit. Otherwise I would check the project settings under Engine->General Settings. There you can set a fixed framerate.

As a personal note: I hope you are not planning on releasing your game on PC with a 30fps cap, since 30fps is a no-go in almost every case from my point of view. But maybe you have a good reason…a really good reason. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply but I asked this question cause at the same time I am studying PS4 hardware so from that point of view this question is very important FOR ME. and btw PC man its grandfather of Console… its GOD in which you create all these games …but still from developer point of view you have to think about FPS all the time for customers :wink:

Yeah, my statement wasn’t really thought out. I think it would have been better if I said something like “Go for 60 fps if you can, unless you need 30 fps”.
It feels better to play at and I for one sacrifice graphics to my consistent 60fps (in my current project I try to expose many performance related options, so they can get the best for their system) :slight_smile:
I hope that the options work for you and good luck with your project ^^


It’s r.MaxFPS

You can execute the command “t.MaxFPS 30” within Blueprint.