Is it possible to load any object stored in a JSON file in an API, having its URL?

So i’m using the Rick and Morty API it returns me a JSON file with the information of every character of the show, what I want to do is: from the field image, which stores an image URL, I want to access to the image of that character in runtime in UE4. I already got the image URL string of any character of this API, but I still don’t know how to access to the image contained in that URL without dowloading it.
I’m using VaRest plugin to get the data from the API.

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Hi Chris, Did u already found a solution to this?

You can try this node: Download Image | Unreal Engine Documentation

Believe it downloads a temp file, so it will be dumped when game closes or stored variable is cleared. You’ll need to test if this is true, not much info on this node.