Is it possible to input midi signal?

I was wondering if there is a way of input midi signal into the engine. Like playing a keyboard that reacts in an Actor.

If you want to look around in the code there is an experimental plugin called LiveEditor that takes in midi input and allows editing properties of actors via the blueprint system. I want to emphasize that it is extremely experimental, however, if you wanted to look at how midi input can be pulled in to the engine and think about how to expose that through the input system that would be a starting point to look at.

Hello friend, you could use midi on some project of Unreal?? could send me some example??


Same here, back in May 2014 I had an idea for my SolReSol Project which would make it the first app to receive MIDI input and translate it into colours and words.

Unfortunately, UE4 didn’t support MIDI (and it still doesn’t, which is a shame) so I decided to look for a workaround, such as using Glovepie and other kinds of interface that can convert between different input methods.
Sadly, Glovepie didn’t help because it wasn’t picking up my MIDI input (although it should have!).

It would be ideal if somebody could write a C++ (or even better Blueprint nodes) MIDI plugin for UE4, I would even buy that on Marketplace.

Anyway, after a long search I found the program that translates MIDI into keystrokes:

It’s nice as a temporary solution and I will have to force on the users of my musical program since there is no other way for me to implement MIDI right now.

Hope it helps.

You might be able to use Max/MSP with OSC to send a MIDI input to Unreal. I’ve seen these used to do procedural audio stuff, although it’s not quite the same so may be a long shot. I’m hoping to build some MIDI related tools for UE4 in the future, though I’m currently more pre-occupied with finding ways of streaming MIDI data out of Unreal and re-routing to a DAW.

Hi Man, i have create a soft to workstation audio / Video Software in Unreal Engine… I work whi OSC protocol to convert MIDI in Ableton Live to Unreal Engine Scene Components… This link to stage of development…

how’s this going? sounds very interesting

Honestly have been far too pre-occupied with other projects to do anything like this. I know the game Panoramical was built in Unity and can detect/use MIDI controllers. It used Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. as a MIDI library for PC platform. From that at least we know it’s more than possible to do what we’re talking about, because essentially we’d need to write code that detects MIDI ports on the computer and sends data over them. Then we’d just need to tell the DAW to listen to that port. What I absolutely don’t know is whereabouts in an Unreal or Unity project you’d be supposed to write this code.