Is it possible to import .urt maps to the Unreal Editor 4?

Hi everyone, my name is Marco and im involved in a college project where we use some 3d ambient developed trought the unreal editor 2.
I downloaded the UE4 because it seems more user friendly to a noob like me. Is it possible to import the .urt maps, developed on the UE2, in the UE4?
Our team doesn’t have someone expert on 3d software, so we need to do on ourselves. Thanks in advance for help!

A more sensible question would be why on earth is a college using UE2 in 2017.

For the history of game development class?:rolleyes:

And no, UE2 files are not compatible, it’s a very different engine from what it was back then, even UE3 stuff isn’t compatible.

Really, i dont know. I’m a psy student and i’m involved in a research project to do specific therapy trought VR. An associated center gave us the UE2 ambients last year and that’s all i know. I’m trying to modify our ambients and create a new one, and this seems really impossible with my skills lol. So, is it possible convert or import the old .urt ambients on UE4? Thanks anyway for replies!

EDIT: oh, okay :frowning:

UE2 doesn’t support VR, unless you guys have modified it. You’d need UE4 or Unity to do VR.