Is it possible to import a skeletal mesh as its individual subobjects?

Imagine, if you will, an animated machine with thousands of parts. The part names (set in 3D Editor) are important, and they all need to be selectable / reference-able individually.

If I import them as a whole, I get a nice animated skeletal mesh. Job done there, but still I need to be able to grab references / select to each part. I can export/import them individually and target that skeleton, and that works out well, but there are so many that this is a huge pain to actually do.

Is there some way (plugin?) to import a skeletal mesh, then break it into it’s sub-objects, where they are still skeletal meshes using a common skeleton?

please read this . Hopefully you’ll get your answer…

That answer seems to be “Nope” :confused: Eh, manual import it shall be then.