Is it possible to have two layers of alpha within one widgit blueprint?

I want to animate one texture rotating on top of another. Both textures have an alpha channel. This seems reasonable to me and it looks as expected in the Blueprint widget editor but when I view the widget as it’s being used in a normal blueprint (or in game) only one of the two images shows. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?


You need to combine both textures into single material, then expose it as dynamic material instance to umg, then animate/update.

Make one material that combines both alphas (multiply)
Expose 2 parameters for it for both wind and boat.

Create instance out of it in editor. Then in umg create dynamic material instance out of that.

Or you can do it hard way and fight umg until you get right combination of parameters.
It is most likely possible to do in just umg with 2 separate materials, but you should convert both textures to materials first.

You don’t need to use a material if you just need a simple transform. You can use the render transform to rotate the other texture.

Thanks guys.

Got this resolved with the transform method. The transparency just worked this morning. :slight_smile: