Is it possible to have shader leaving a trail?

I was looking at this game

and in min 1:55 the zombie that comes out leaves a glowing line from his eyes and im not sure how to make it.In udk when we use the scorpion vehicle and press the space bar it goes in to turbo speed and leaves a similar trail of light behind but im not sure if that is a shader or a particle effect.I took a look at the particles that are used on the vehicle and none of them leave a trail so it must be a shader thing but im not sure where to look for the example.

Either way, in my case im in need for shader that can leave a small trail of light( emissive channel) to do the same thing as the video.Is it possible or is a particle a must?

That is with the postprocess chain, motion blur ? maybe you like it.

So for a post process, when using the scene texture sample, how can I make it so that it only affects the green color of the eyes and not the rest of the scene? Although im not sure that even bumping the bloom after that, will make it leave a trail of the color.

I ended up attaching a ribbon particle to the eye bones of the skeletal mesh to get the effect though.Needs some work but its getting there.

I’d do it with an AnimTrail or a Ribbon particle
post process would be an unnecessarily convoluted and expensive process

From curiosity, does anyone knows what this message means?

Skipping Trails sampling of animation data due to:
Missing socket EndControl on skeletal mesh

I was trying the AnimTrail vs the Ribbon particle but i get that message in the animset editor. What is socket EndControl? I have a few sockets on the character including the root and pelvis.

UDK | AnimTrails](UDK | AnimTrails)


**](UDK | AnimTrails)


I found this video on youtube, good example with trail particle in UDK.