Is it possible to have sepurate worlds with world composition?

World Composition would be perfect for what you are hoping to accomplish. The only thing you would need is some sort of mechanism for the player to reach these other worlds. Whether this is some sort of teleportation( i.e. moving the actor to the other level) or allowing the player to travel perhaps in a spacecraft between worlds somehow. My guess is that a simple z-offset between your levels would be good for keeping these ‘separate’ worlds from running into each other as you do not want the player to just run from one to another(unless you are using magic portals).

Have you watched the ue4 getting started with World Composition on the ue4 youtube channel. It will give you some good pointers if you have not already watched it. I would also watch the video on level streaming on the same youtube channel as it provides some good ideas and concepts behind level streaming and its uses.

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, I was at Disneyland.
The video on level streaming can be found on the Unreal Youtube Channel using the following link.

And, just in case you had anymore trouble, the world composition video is found at .

Hi, Is it possible to use world composition but have have different worlds? like an earth planet and then a moon planet but load them seperatly and use world composition. i have read the docs and watched world composition ue4 videos and it looks perfect for what i what to try to do, however I haven’t seen if it is possible or how to make seperate worlds? any body know how to do it?
Thanks you!

Awesome, thank you. Maybe I can make it so that if the spaceship gets high enough i can use blueprint to teleport it to space and then if it gets close enough to the planet I can use blueprint to teleport it down to the surface, which would be at a different z offset? I haven’t used world composition yet. I will use the docs and a few tutorials I have found, do you have any suggestion on any tutorials? Sometimes I might not pick the good one. I wanted to make it so there are space levels, and maybe like 10 planets to go to fly around and land on. Do you think my plan is ok? Thank you for your help!

thank you…i didn’t see that one or know about it before…thanks for all the help

i can’t find the level streaming one, do you know the link to it?

thank you…so i got it going now with the videos…ok…i got a open world that is working with world comp and that is coming along fine…you told me about using a different xy location for different worlds and that all makes sense to me i think i can pull that part off by teleporting my character or spaceship…so…what about making a space zone? i’m still new to world comp and wonder one thing…do i have to have a landscape? how could i make a space zones with world comp with no landscape…i can only see how to add zones with a landscape…is it possible?