Is it possible to have concurrency nodes in the sound cue

I would like to have different concurrency settings from within one sound cue. In the diagram you can see I would have concurrency A and Concurrency B settings.

Here we have an example of local and remote footsteps, I would like the remote footsteps to have a priority that volume scales AI and reduces random ambient sounds dramatically. However, I do not want local player footsteps to have the same concurrency effects.

Additionally I have gun shots from close, medium, and far away that crossfade by distance. It would be great to have concurrency and priority on these guns shot shots so, for example, far gunshots are muted by close gunshots or aggressive AI. However player gunshots are always heard.

There are other applications for splitting concurrency from within the sound cues as well. The only alternative is to create unique sound cues and have them be triggered by different events, but this can become cumbersome with duplicated assets for 1PP and 3PP etc.

Oh yes, please ! That would be a very helpful feature