Is it possible to have "Combination Shapes" in UE4 like in Maya?

In Maya you can select two blendshapes and create a “Combination Shape” which takes the value of both blendshapes and multiplies them so when they are both fully activated, the 3rd “Combination Shape” equals out to 100% and adjusts according to the value of the two initial blendshapes.

Anyone know if this can be implemented in UE4?

What? Why would you? If you need a new blend shape just make it in a DCC app.

otherwise if you really insist, you can toggle both shapes with a custom amount. This isn’t the same as creating a 3rd morph target at all, but visually it could be the same if you increase both values simultaneously by the correct amount.

I’m planning on using the UE4 plugin “Allright Rig” to set up a rigged character in UE4.

I don’t know if you are already familiar, but when you make blendshapes for the mouth corners, some of the shapes you create are a “Mouth Wide” blendshape which pulls the mouth out, and you also create a “Mouth Up” blendshape which pulls the mouth up. When you activate them together it forms a smile, but usually the result looks messy, so you can sculpt a “fix” which also activates a third blendshape in conjunction with the first two blendshapes. It it is activated based on the multiplied values of the first two blendshapes and smoothly transitions in and out according to the values of the first two blendshapes ranging between 0-1.

It’s really simple to set up in Maya with the click of a button, but I don’t know how hard it would be to set up in UE4.

Again, you cannot create blend shapes in engine… the closest thing would be vertex paint and math in a shader.
even then, not the same as what you describe here.

Sorry I didn’t make it clear, I first make the blendshapes in Maya and then import the mesh with the blendshapes into UE4.

I’m trying to find out if there’s some way to have a “Combination Shape” setup like in Maya where the 3rd blendshape/morph target is activated based on the multiplied values of the those two initial blendshapes to act as a “fix” for the overall shape.

I don’t know anything about blueprints, so maybe I would have to pay someone to set it up for me, but what I think needs to happen is the value of blendshape A multiplied by the value of blendshape B = the value for blendshape C.

Here’s the Combination shape from Maya:…AA1F4-htm.html

Why mix morphs? Because you can change the shape of the characters using the same base framework with out having to create and entirely new character base. Daz3D calls them injectors but the technology has been used in crowed simulations like Massive for years.

For example all 4 characters is based on a single skeletal asset

if thats the math you need it is pretty straightforward to do. And yes, if the 3rd morph target exists, you can take the values of the other 2 and use them to power the 3rd.

usually the value is avaliable as a curve.

Ofc it has its uses, but you don’t just expect the engine to create a shape for you …
I mean if the epic team can make a “read my mind and code it” addon id love that too :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok that’s good to know, thanks for confirming. I know literally nothing about blueprints or programming so I guess I gotta find someone to set it up for me :cool:

I would suggest you click the learning tab on the epic site and take the basic blueprint course.
that should be enough to get you able to do this yourself since its super easy compared to the avarage forum ask :wink:

Interesting, I’ll give that a try. Thanks.