Is it possible to have a special (discounted) "sale" price on our packages?

I have a number of packages coming out soon. I was curious if we have the option to choose a period of time (say, one week) and have that package “on sale” with a reduced price?

This is definitely possible, but you cant “set” that flag yourself. You should talk about that with Jon Jones, best through the Zendesk Ticket you already have for your packages.


Yep but you have to go through Epic Games. At least that’s their policy as of now.

Hi Adam! We are working on planning sales, and we just wrapped up our third sale last night. As of right now, we’re reaching out to individual creators and asking them if they’d be interested in participating in a sale, and we’re planning out our next few. We’re not ready to open up the Marketplace to everyone running their own discounts\sales at this point in time, but if you’d like to discuss being a part of one of our upcoming sales, drop me an email at and let’s talk. :slight_smile:

What criteria are you choosing from when choosing things to go on sale?

Hi Rasped! We’re looking at a lot of things right now and gathering data on how better to promote and sell content, and setting different variables to see what sort of results we can get. One of the main things we’re sensitive to is turning into a store people only visit when there’s a sale. We want the Marketplace to be a place where creators can sell their content and think of it as a boutique storefront for the handcrafted products they sell, instead of a going-out-of-business sale or a flea market. It’s hard to retain productive talent if everything is a race to the bottom. With that in mind, we’ve been starting off sales slowly and gently to see what effect our different promotional channels have on sales. Try this length of sale, try that type of content, bundle this, theme that, start a mailing list, etc.

More to the point of your question, we’ve been looking at themed sales (like the Horror sale recently), a sale for content published by early Marketplace adopters (to test how effectively we can increase sales by promoting content released prior to our big GDC boost), a limited-time sale to provide large discounts to some of the higher-end and higher-cost Marketplace content (the flash sale that ended last night), and we’re putting together ideas of what else to do. Other ideas we’ve had are bundling together content at a discount for students, a sale consisting solely of Blueprints, a selection of content targeting a specific genre or type of game (military sim, FPS, 2D shooter, etc), and things along those lines. It’s pretty up in the air right now and open to suggestions, and I’d like to hear from the community about what they’d be interested in seeing!

What do you guys and girls think would be a cool Marketplace sale?

Daily Deal
Name says it all

Payday Buster
First week of every month, preferably some big expensive thing.

End of month snack
Last week of the month, some of the cheaper items go on sale.

The XYZ package
You mention this. A themed package where you get a bunch of assets that could build into an FPS, RTS or whatever.

Join the club
Sale of the most popular items.

Those are really great ideas! I like those a lot. I’m going to discuss those in the team at our next meeting and see what we can make work. Awesome input. Thank you!

I like Rasped ideas, but I don’t think such amount of sales is healthy for Marketplace. End of month + Payday buster = 1/2 of the month is sale + themed and flash sales = 3/4 of month under sale.
I think it may convert Marketplace mentality into “Woah! What a great asset! Surely will buy this on appropriate sale!”

I feel the same. I would prefer one small sale a month, MAXIMUM.

There needs to be a very sibstantial amount of assets on the marketplace for limited, themed sales to be feasible. With the amount that is out there, it doesn’t make sense to have these tupes of sales. Maybe a couple of “early adopter” or new release sales every week or 2, and a themed sale for 1 weekend per month would be better for the amount of products currently on the Marketplace.

I agree completely that the volume of assets in the marketplace doesn’t warrant sales constantly. I was merely giving my ideas for sales that they could make. And they don’t have to be there constantly… (The daily deal would, but… in the future)