Is it possible to have a radial force only push an actor horizontally?

instead of vertically and horizontally. Is it doable or no? How would I even go about setting up this restriction?

any ideas or workarounds? Like is there some setting somewhere that can disable vertical velocity?

So I managed to figure it out, HOWEVER it only works if I position each NPC enemy pawn’s starting height relative to the ground. The way I have it set up, whenever the radial force activates, it will teleport the npc pawn’s height to match the starting height of how I placed it. Kind of hard to explain, so here is a video of what the problem is.(The projectiles exploding is what makes the radial impulses.).
Normally I could probably tolerate manually adjusting the height of the NPC, but I have some NPCs that spawn from a higher position.

This is due to the custom event of my NPC character blueprint, which makes it so that it enables simulate physics briefly when the custom event trigger is hit. Then after a delay, it reverts to disable simulate physics.

Otherwise, this setup works fine, and the radial impulse is constrained with these settings. However it is still unusable due to the “teleporting higher” issue. This is the NPC bp:


This is the bp of the player’s projectile’s explosion that makes the radial impulse.

I hope this makes sense. Any suggestions on how to avoid this… for lack of better words, “upwards hight teleporting upon physics being enabled” issue?