Is it possible to have a particle effect in front of a widget?

Hi all

Just wondering, if I made a dust particle effect, could I have that show on top of a widget, like the person is reading a book in a dust room?

As far as I have tried, widget go in front of everything?


Have you considered using 3d Widgets? I don’t know their full functionality but if they are in world space I assume effects would play in front of them and you could move the player camera so they are properly positioned on screen.

Yeah, little late for that. Good idea though. All widgets and coding done.

Might have to use widget animation.



Might as well do a request to epic for Draw on camera or Force Draw on top (Should be emitter based and not particle system). As far as i know there isn’t such a feature and most certainly in situations like this will save lots of headaches.

If you guys interested about them please feel free to make a post about it and ask an Epic guy to ask the team and potentially add it to their todo list.

Unless I’m mistaken, 3D widgets use the same essential everything as ordinary ones except they’re projected onto quads in 3D space. I don’t know how much of a refactor it would really be, assuming you can’t just use ordinary widgets as 3D ones, but I would hazard that it would be 90% copy-paste…