Is it possible to have a blueprint with a mesh that has physics and collisionbox that don't?

As my question maybe states, i would like to have a blueprint, that has a Static Mesh as root, as a child i want to have a CollisionBox that determines when im within reach of that object (the Static Mesh). The Static Mesh should have Simulate Physics = True, so it can be dropped in a realistic manner.

On a sidenote, when i pickup the item (the instance of the blueprint), i set Simulate Physics = false and AttachToComponent for my character + assign a socket on his hand so it looks like he’s carrying it.

The problem is that everytime i set simulate physics on the Static Mesh, it seem to make the CollisionBox also have the same collision settings as the Static Mesh (the parent), even if i set Collision=Overlap only dynamic content on the CollisionBox. That in turn, means that everytime i approach the object and overlap the CollisionBox, it gets pushed away.

Auto Weld = off is your friend i figured out…