Is It Possible To Get Variables From Specific Indexs In An Array?

I’m trying to change the size of a sphere that’s in an array of all my selected spheres. My problem is that only one sphere works so I’m guessing it’s because my variable only applies to one index. Is it possible to get the same variable for different indexes? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find anything on it.

watch this should help you out he does what your asking somewhere in the video or close enough to what your asking for.

Yep, do the following:


Thanks for the help guys my only issue now is there isn’t anything in the array to begin with.

Can you provide some more information on what you want to achieve?

If your spheres are spawned in the game, you can use the “Get All Actors of Class” to obtain an array of them. Then, if you have the array, you can use either the Get node to access a specific sphere, or access all of the spheres using a “For Loop” node.