Is it possible to get sharp shadow using only one skylight with an HDRI panorama?

I’m testing UE4 to see if I can lit a scene with only one full range HDRI, like vray and corona renderer, but I can’t get sharp shadow from lightmass, even with a very bright sun HDRI and high lightmass resolution, it only gives me blurry shadow. Did I missed something?

Skylights in UE4 are assumed to have only sky lighting and not the sun’s direct lighting. To get good quality (sharp shadows) you’ll have to separate out the sun disk into a directional light.

Skylight always casts soft shadows, because it doesn’t differentiate the sun in your HDRI map from the rest of the sky. Skylight works pretty much like a projector. It projects the whole image onto your scene. Add a directional light to get hard shadow.


With 4.18 it’s possible!!
…high Lightmass setting and post process!

…was sorting my projects and found this:


Lit by a single HDRI…