is it possible to get an matte/shadow material in unreal?

hey guys and girls ,

we need a material that just receives shadows and shows just the shadows. is that somehow possible? i know there is a way in composure but as long as i have syncing problems i try
a workflow with a image plane and maybe a contactshadowplane.

if you’re doing it in a separate pass, you can render the BG/character with basic shaders and just render with lighting on only

you can run that in a level blueprint and it’ll only render the lighting pass
then you can choke that in post for a shadow

if you’re trying to do it in composure
then I can’t help, as I haven’t used composure yet

Did you find the answer on your question, sir? I think, its possible. We need somehow project background texture to the plane. example:
But i dont know how to do it.

found this video of UE live training, i linked it with the timecode where they discuss the shadow catcher technique in composure it might help