Is it possible to get an 8k version of the body textures?

The body texture ‘BodyBaseColor’ located in MetaHumans/[character name]/Body is only 1024x1024 and looks blurry in the 3D viewport. Same for the normal and roughness maps. Is it possible to get a larger resolution version of these textures?

I selected 8k when exporting from the Bridge software.


They are supposed to be much higher resolution, this looks like a bug and we are investigating now. Thank you for reporting this!


Thanks, Dig!

Hi, has there been any progress on this? I realise there’s probably a bunch of higher priority bugs to work on at the moment.

Would it be possible for someone on the team to post a high resolution version of the BodyBaseColor and female_body_normal_map textures? I only need one color, preferably a medium skin tone.

Many thanks!

This still being worked on - we have a fix, but then we found a bottleneck in another part of the pipeline (8K textures are BIG). Sorry for the delay.


No worries, thanks for the update!

Either I’m doing something wrong, or this is affecting the face textures as well? :thinking: In UE4 it only shows as 2048, there are no 8192 textures despite downloading the 8K Resolution.