Is it possible to get all kind of sounds in every classes all together and stop them in run time?


for a slow motion scene I need to stop all sounds even animation notifies for a few seconds and then set them free to play again .

can anybody help me?

I think you should go about this a different way. Instead of trying to slow down animations you should try changing the global time dilation.

If you want specific actors to be at different speeds after that you can alter their time dilations separately.

As for getting the audio solely from blueprints I am completely at a loss. I looked through all of the nodes but couldn’t find one that affected currently playing sounds.

thank you

I have already implemented my slow motion system. You did not read the topic :))

I need to stop all sounds now. I want to have a silent slow scene

I want to make it silent and then play some sounds effects with slow theme

even animation notifies for a few seconds

I sort of implied from this that you hadn’t done it yet. Time dilation slows everything except audio down, so it will slow down (or stop) animations globally.

As for no sound I don’t believe there is an easy way to do this from blueprints. Try using this answer as a starting point and look into SoundClasses.