Is it possible to get actors inside tessellated geometry?

I’m trying to deal damage to actors while they’re inside the tessellated cloud. I’m wondering if that’s possible in Blueprints. Right now I’m just using a sphere overlap, but the shape constantly changes so it’s not perfect.

Well, there is no reason it shouldn’t be possible, the way I see it there are many different ways to tackle the problem, One thing you could try is trace a sphere from the character head to feet with trace complex true to see if that sphere hit’s the geometry of the cloud. to test for case where to first test fail and the character could be inside the cloud, do a multi trace line from the character’s feet to the bottom of the clouds bounds or infinitely downward (or just really far down) if you don’t know the lower bound of the cloud.

if you hit the surface of the cloud and even number of times the character is outside the cloud, if it’s odd the character is inside.