Is it possible to get a matinee referene in a blueprint other than the level blueprint?

I’ve been following A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums , and the tutorial assumes that you’re triggering matinee sequences through the level blueprint, and suggestions getting references by selecting the matinee actor in the hierarchy window, then right-clicking your blueprint and selecting “add reference”. I’m trying to centralize everything cutscene-related through my HUD manager blueprint, which is simply an actor blueprint that lives in the level, and the same process doesn’t seem to work. Is there another super-simple way I can get a reference to my matinee actor, or am I stuck working through the level blueprint?

The only way that I found for it is just “calling” it with command execute.

  • Create a custom event (lets call it “my_pink_call”) in level BluePrint and link it to your matinee (you already know)
  • Where you want call it use an “execute Console Command” blueprint. And type this: “CE my_pink_call”.

IT will force ue call that custom event in your level blueprint, even in UMG event graph.

Font: Easiest way to play via UMG? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

Btw, I tryed use this for call functions in others blueprints, but didn’t work.

Hmm, if I wanted to stay with something safe by biting the bullet and just run my matinees through the level blueprint, is there a standard workflow for organizing them? I’m picturing hundreds of event nodes that each connect to a single play node, but since my entire project is currently in C++ with the exception of the UMG stuff, I really have no clue how we’re intended to communicate events to the level.