Is it possible to get a downloadable list of my owned assets from the Epic store

I don’t think there is anything like that. What I did, is to have one humungous project, which I installed everything in that I thought I might possibly use. Then I can just use the search function in the content browser. You find all sorts of stuff you didn’t even know you had that way…

Is it possible to get a downloadable .txt or some word file containing a list of all owned assets?

I’m kind of a hoarder and have EVERY free asset that I could get my hands on “cause you never know when you’d need it”. But now I face the same problem every other hoarder faces. Too much stuff to manage.

So basically I need a list where I can scroll or search from all my owned assets. I can go into the vault but it’s very slow with all the loading up and the categorized system. I just want names of all the assets in a list which I can open up lightning fast like a .txt and scroll or search for whatever resembles what I want instead of doing a sort/search for specifically what I want on the Epic Vault.

I actually tried that but the fact that I have multiple assets for the same functionality really put me off as I’d need to constantly be changing blueprint code to make one thing work before migrating, not to mention, the humongous disk space I’d require to store all those assets. I’m thinking of spending a day or two compiling the entire list of assets I own. It’ll be a hell of a job but I feel it’s the only way. Even today, when I go into my Vault, I’m shocked at the stuff I didn’t know I had! UIWS is currently, very expensive, I had it stashed for free back when it had become free for a month! And I didn’t even know!